Being Home


Mind’s sensor network collects and learns tastes and habits of each home user to make the space sensitive to every lifestyle.

Mind learns to know you independently without being programmed

Your favorite music switches on at the pool table
The night
The shutters are alarmed. To save money and energy the heating is reduced and the unused plugs are switched off.
The electricity is off for the children's safety and the temperature is turned up
The dinner
The lights on the table switch on and the extractor fan activates automatically if needed
Cinema night
The voice control activates the tv and silences the door bell and the phone
Returning home
The heating switches on an hour before and the path to the entrance lights up
The owner can answer the door remotely from his mobile phone, when out of home


Mind’s intelligence elaborates information about presence, temperature, brightness and consumption.

The data Mind collects stay home protected.

Your privacy is guaranteed.


Mind establishes an intelligent connection among you, your space and your home technologies and devices in order to make them communicate.
You can control Mind by voice and app.

Mind is discreet: it demands you attention only in case of anomalies.


Mind activates, turns on, manages, controls, switches off the technology and the devices at home to create the most comfortable space.

Mind can control all of the technology at home.

Mind's intelligence creates comfortable, safe, sustainable and personalised environment.

Don't worry, Mind can be turned off.


Mind easily integrates with any home style and structure. It can be hidden or on show depending on your choice and it is completely customizable.

Mind becomes operational in only one weekend without any masonry.

And if you move out of your home, it can come with you.

Get a preview

Curious? In the FAQ section we have collected the answers to the main questions about Mind.

Come to our Demo House in Modena to discover Mind.

If you are an Architect, join the seminar "ABITARE SMART", click HERE to sign up and get 5 CFP with Mind  

Mind will launch at the Fuori Salone del Mobile on April 17th 2018 in Milan


 “This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 782099”.

Request for information


  • Does Mind work only with smart objects?
    No, Mind works with your home as it is: it uses your plugs, your lights, your electrical systems to integrate them to Mind.
  • How is Mind installed?
    Mind is installed by our technicians in one weekend without any masonry necessary.
    Once finished we will explain you how it works with a demonstrative talk.
    A remote assistance will always be available for any issues.
  • Which technologies is Mind compatible with?
    Already now it talks with the main IOT technology brands (Sonos, Philips Hue, Door Phone 2N etc.) and it is compatible with WIFI 2,4Ghz and Bluetooth 4 protocols. But Mind never stops growing.
  • How many people can Mind recognize?
    Mind can collect data and recognize up to 11 people simultaneously. We love big families. Mind is improving on this and in the future it will be able to recognize much more users.
  • How does Mind protect my privacy?
    What happens in your home stay in your home. The data Mind collects are encrypted for the maximum protection. Neither video or audio are recorded.
  • Is Mind also an alarm?
    Mind is much more than it. An alarm just makes noise. Mind notifies you the kind of intrusion or anomaly ed eventually, if you want, it can also take fast actions.
  • Can I customize Mind’s aspect?
    Mind integrates with the design of your house, it can match its colors, it can become a decorative element and, if you like, it can also disappear.
  • Can I customize Mind’s software?
    Let’s this to us that we know it well. If you have any particular requirement, we can adapt Mind to you. Let’s talk about it:
  • If the power goes down, does Mind still work?
    Mind has its own emergency power charge that allows it, in case of black-out, to sound the alarm. At that moment it turns off waiting for the power back.
  • What if I don’t have electrical blinds?
    If you like we can install them for you to make them talk with Mind… It won’t take too long thanks to our solutions that doesn’t require any masonry!

About Us

MIND the simplicity that was not there.

Is there a simple, effective and efficient way to manage a house? This is the question that brings two friends, two businessmen, two technology enthusiasts to imagine MIND.

Alessandro Tioli and Luca Panini have tried to answer the question in the simplest way possible; they had installed and tested all existing home automation systems (and when we say everyone, we mean everyone) and the feeling was always the same: complicated, invasive, inaccurate, incomplete or old. A disappointed promise.

From this need was born the idea of Mind that, thanks to the intuition of the founders and the contribution of a growing number of designers, engineers, experts, developers, consultants and installers, has become a reality.

In 2013 sees the light MIND: simple, invisible, comprehensive, intelligent

During the time MIND has evolved from idea to start-up to lead to the creation of a solid company also thanks to the prestigious Unicredit Start Lab grant.

MIND demo house is located in Modena where you can experience all its features.


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